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Dr. Jonathan Taee


Jonathan Taee holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. He has conducted ethnographic research and worked in Tibet, Peru, Nepal, India, the UK and USA.


Jonathan is experienced in quantitative and analytical research methods, system design and socio-cultural perspectives. He specializes in patient and healthcare provider experiences, large-scale complex systems and applied research.


Meet Jonathan Taee

Jonathan lives in the Hudson Valley, New York, USA, with his farming wife and young daughter.

He was born and educated in England, later attending the University of Virginia for his bachelors degree. He obtained his MPhil and DPhil (PhD) from University of Cambridge in 2014.

He has worked throughout, in-between and after his graduate education. He has worked for several international relief and development agencies, owned and operated several international companies, and currently  is the managing director of his own consultancy firm.


Work and Education.

This is an introduction to Jonathan's work and education experience. A full curriculum vitae is available upon request.

Independent Researcher

Jonathan continues to advance the research and findings of his work in Bhutan. The next phase of the Bhutan project is to find practical applications for the research, both in Bhutan and wider afield.



Rhizome Consulting is Jonathan's for-profit consultancy firm specializing in business systems, technology, and creative design. The firm works internationally, serving clients from small business to major corporations.



Cambridge hosted Jonathan's MPhil (masters) and DPhil (PhD) doctorate work. A member of Christ's College and The Division of Social Anthropology, Jonathan was awarded multiple awards to help fund his research.



Mercy Corps is a large international relief and development agency that runs complex development projects in over 40 countries. Jonathan worked for the technical support unit, helping develop these international programs.


Mainstay Materials, INC.

Jonathan Taee, in partnership, founded Mainstay Materials, Inc, which has grown into a leader in innovative and environmentally sustainable building materials.


Digital Media Lab, University of Virginia

Jonathan's early years were spent managing and teaching the University of Virginia's Digital Media Lab. He honed his skills in a plethora of technology, design and graphic solutions, while teaching and managing the lab staff.


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